The perfect bike bag?

Is this the perfect bike bag?

Is this the perfect bike bag?

I was at the British Museum when I finally made up my mind. I’d cycled there, which meant I had my red Ortlieb bag with me – because wherever my bike goes, it goes too. On my bike, it’s incredibly practical. Off the bike, it’s cumbersome and awkward, and oddly far heavier than the sum of its contents. My shoulders ached at the mere thought of carrying it around the museum. What I needed, I told myself as I trotted off to the cloakroom, was a smaller, more portable bike bag. Something that worked both on and off my bike.

Since my last post on the subject, I’ve become obsessed with finding the perfect bag for cycling. Continue reading

Wanted: the perfect bike bag


There must be a more stylish way of carrying my stuff on my bike than this

I am a woman on a quest. It’s a simple enough quest – or at least I thought it was when it began. I want a bag that works both on and off my bike.

When I first started cycling I used to carry all my stuff in a small backpack. That was OK for a while, but then the amount of stuff I needed to fit in it just seemed to keep growing. I have – to use the proper medical terminology – a dodgy left shoulder, the result of an RSI incurred while shifting books in the university library when I was a student. Carrying my over-full backpack around with me, not only on the bike but off it, was getting increasingly painful. Continue reading