My trusty steed goes on holiday

Enjoying the view near Woolacombe

Enjoying the view near Woolacombe

You have to feel sorry for my trusty steed. The poor thing works hard: day after day, mile after mile, back and forth, through wind, rain and cold. It’s not even as if he gets a break when I’m not riding him; no, he just gets slung in the back garden, without any protection from the elements – not even a rain cover. It’s a wonder he doesn’t go on strike.

So I thought it was about time I took him on holiday.

I’d read an article about the Devon coast-to-coast cycle route on the Guardian website a while back. Described as ‘long distance for the laid-back cyclist’, it sounded pretty much perfect. I’d already been to Devon once before, for a friend’s wedding a couple of years ago, and was keen to go back to explore more. Beautiful beaches, rolling hills, quaint villages, cider, cream teas and ice cream – what more could a girl and her bike ask for? So I pumped up the trusty steed’s tyres, cleaned and oiled his chain, packed my panniers and off we went. Continue reading