Film review – Wadjda

Wadjda and the beautiful green bike

Wadjda and the beautiful green bike

“Don’t you know that girls don’t ride bikes?”
“Losing to a girl will be a double loss.”

I had every intention of writing a review of Wadjda when it first came out in the cinema last year. I’d had the release date marked in my diary for months. When it opened, I investigated exactly which cinemas it was showing at, and when. I made plans to see it with a friend. I did, in fact, actually see it. I then got felled by one of the worst colds I’ve had in a long time – so bad, in fact, that I took to my bed for the best part of a week. I even lost my appetite. By the time I was recovered enough to string together a half-decent sentence, I’d forgotten what I wanted to say.

I still wanted to write my review, though. I thought I my chance had come when it was shown later in the year as part of the Bicycle Film Festival. I booked tickets for the screening, at the Barbican – and then developed a migraine that very day, so didn’t get to go. Continue reading