The end of the affair?

Will my love of cycling return with the spring?

Will my love of cycling return with the spring?

The insistent buzz of my alarm woke me with a start. I reached out into the pre-dawn darkness to switch it off, then snuggled back down under my duvet. Getting out from the cosy warmth of bed has been proving a challenge of late, and on that particular morning my legs were having none of it. ‘C’mon guys,’ I urged them after five minutes had gone by. ‘You can do it.’ Nothing. Another few minutes went by with no sign of movement, so I made them an offer: ‘If you get me out of bed I won’t make you cycle into college today.’ That got their attention. Continue reading


Ever feel like you’ve been cheated?

An increasingly common occurrence now the nights are drawing in?

An increasingly common occurrence now the nights are drawing in?

One extra hour in bed. One measly little extra hour in bed. That’s hardly adequate compensation for six months of having to cycle home in the dark, is it? If it’d been an extra hour in bed every day things might be different. But it’s not, so they’re not.

I pride myself in not being a fair weather cyclist – I cycle to work day in, day out, all year round, in almost all weathers. Yet it’s always around this time of year – when the clocks have gone back and winter is just around the corner – that the temptation to abandon my trusty steed in favour of the Overground is at its strongest.

As if the thought of the long dark ride home weren’t enough to put me off, there’s also the small matter of tomorrow’s predicted storm to contend with.

My resolve could do with all the help it can get right now. Continue reading

All it takes is a little bit of snow…


…And this whole country grinds to a halt.

Trains cancelled, flights grounded, roads impassable. It would be fair to say we’re not very good at handling snow round here.

Reluctantly I have to admit that that includes me. Normally, I wouldn’t let a small thing like a bit of weather stop me cycling. Come rain, come wind, come cold, come sunshine and I’ll be on my bike. Continue reading